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About us









As long as I can remember I'm obsessed with cars.  The shape, colours, noises and smells; I can't explain. No doubt I must have inherited the automotive virus from my parents who also could appreciate a sporty car and driving style. You could say I preferred an old caryard to a childrens playground. 


 My childhood:




Through the years I did a lot of research about the history of the vintage racing era when brave pilots lapped the streetcircuits and the old racetracks.  In those days passion and friendship were more important than the actual boring and commercial circus. My general knowledge of car history is the result of thousands of hours studying my magazines and documents.  As a result I ended up with a huge collection of vintage toys and all kinds of automobilia.  Attending the most important classic car meetings are still my preferred trips. 

From a very young age I learnt to drive and later from the age of 15 I started buying and fettling old cars.  Doing so I often saved them from being scrapped.  I also was a carspotter before the word was invented. 

Nowadays I'm occupied by my passion buying and selling vintage cars and youngtimers. My business called VITESSE stands also for selling all kinds of special objects and automobilia  to decorative the 'vintage garage', mancaves or living rooms.

Have a nice trip through my website and Facebook page VITESSE vintage automobilia! 


 Visits and some personnal cars trough the years: